Innovation on the Big Screen

Pandora available on Xbox and PlayStation


Launch the browser on your game console and visit to craft the perfect vibe with controls and displays tailored for your TV.


Log in to enjoy all of your stations, create new ones and easily browse more than 500 curated genre stations.


Let Pandora on the big screen fill the house with the music and comedy you love while you control playback from the couch.

Get Started Now

Xbox One
Download the Pandora app on your Xbox One
  • You'll need an Xbox Live membership to listen to Pandora
Log in and listen - it's that easy
  • Or create a free account right from your Xbox
Follow the steps below for quick, easy access to Pandora on your console browser
Xbox 360
Visit on your Xbox
  • Open Internet Explorer
  • Click in the address bar or press Y to open the on-screen keyboard and enter in the address bar
Add Pandora to your Favorites
  • While you are on Pandora, press Y to open the Web Hub, and then select the Favorite icon on the address bar at the top.
  • Pandora will also appear in the My Pins area of Xbox Home for quick access
PlayStation 3
Visit on your PS3
  • In the XMB home menu, go to Network, and select the Internet Browser
  • Press the Start button to display the keyboard and enter and Select
Bookmark Pandora
  • Make sure you are in Browse Mode
  • Go to
  • Press the button to display the menu
  • Go to File and Add to Bookmarks